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With Through the Lens: The Remaking of Cincinnati's Music Hall, photographer and CSO musician Matthew Zory invites readers to explore the metamorphosis of a beloved civic icon.
Generations of Cincinnatians have cherished Music Hall as an architectural gem and a community touchstone. They know her for her beauty and the sound and spectacle of the arts organizations that call Music Hall home. In this photo essay, Zory invites readers to get to know the venerable building on a more intimate level.
He takes readers beyond the hall’s elegant public spaces to explore its hidden corners as hundreds of workers undertake the exacting work of recasting Samuel Hannaford's 19th-century building for 21st-century use. His photos capture the rough-edged beauty of a construction zone, the unexpected moments of stillness amidst the bustle, and the community of craftsmen and women committed to transforming the building. Through the Lens is a portrait of a grande dame without her makeup and at her most beautiful.
Hardcover with dust jacket
Page count: approximately 250 pages
Dimensions: 12x9"