Anita Greer(non-registered)
I love your work - simply beautiful. Really looking forward to your Music Hall book!
Joe Chunko(non-registered)
Enjoyed your presentation this evening at our photo club. Some really unique shots of the redo of the Music Hall. Also, enjoyed looking at your book, but lost the title. Can you send please
Denise Doolan(non-registered)
Hi Matt - I am so enjoying seeing your work. Your pieces have such a strong and distinctive spirit that it is positively palpable. Love them. Denise
Susan Goldin(non-registered)
Brilliant work Matt. Rich, subtle, graceful, striking, quiet, sublime....beautiful images. s.
Kimberly Buechner Fouse(non-registered)
Matthew, I am thrilled to have received from the CSO a lovely framed print of the front of Music Hall with Washington Park in the foreground. My husband and I have been volunteers with the orchestra for at least a dozen years. I can't recall when we weren't down at Music Hall! The print now hangs in our family room, the place where we enjoy classical music and listening to WGUC and the CSO. Thank you for your beautiful perspective on our little place in the world!
Steve Alcott(non-registered)
Beautiful work.
Fran Luther(non-registered)
Wonderful collection of photographs. I really enjoyed looking at them.
Rod Sidley(non-registered)
Wonderful collection!!!
Peggy Johnston(non-registered)
Thanks for the beautiful photographs! What a gift you have! I miss you in the bass section here....
CHRIS KREBS(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your incredible "gift" with us.
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