Through the Lens: The Remaking of Cincinnati's Music Hall


I’ve had the great fortune to make my living playing the bass on Music Hall’s stage for more than two decades.


From a musician’s perspective, I’m intimately familiar with two sides of Music Hall: the inelegant world behind the scenes and the crystal and velvet view from the stage. With the building’s historic renovation, I realized I had a rare opportunity to see Music Hall from another vantage. Not as a musician, but as a photographer. 


Over the course of 16 months I spent hundreds of hours in the hall and took more than 10,000 photographs. From the beginning I shared my photos on Facebook. I could tell from the feedback I received that others were as curious about the work as I was. The more I posted, the more people asked when the book was coming out … which brings us to where we are. 


Through the Lens: The Remaking of Cincinnati’s Music Hall isn’t a history book.  It’s a picture book and, like all picture books, it tells a story. It’s a story about a beautiful old building and what happened after the musicians, singers and dancers left: when the principal player onstage was the hall itself. This is Music Hall’s story, the way I heard and saw it.


Specifications: 272-page hardcover (12”x9”) with dust jacket

Publication date: December 2017