I’m drawn to photography for the same reasons I am drawn to music. For me, the act of taking a photo is a meditative experience, there is only the present moment. Looking through the lens quiets the white noise of daily life. When I am framing a shot -- whether it’s a tree or a waterfall or sunlight filtering in a window – my little corner of the world suddenly makes more sense. With the camera I have a chance to capture in light and shadow and shape that ineffable experience. Edward Weston, a brilliant mid-century photographer once said, “You can’t explain a Bach fugue. If you could, you would explain away its very meaning – it’s reason for existence.” I couldn’t agree more.
I hope you enjoy what you see here. If you'd like to purchase a print, use the links to Mpix (great quality and service) or drop me a note and I'll print, mat and frame a custom order for you.
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Guestbook for Matthew Zory
22.Steve Alcott(non-registered)
Beautiful work.
14.Fran Luther(non-registered)
Wonderful collection of photographs. I really enjoyed looking at them.
12.Rod Sidley(non-registered)
Wonderful collection!!!
11.Peggy Johnston(non-registered)
Thanks for the beautiful photographs! What a gift you have! I miss you in the bass section here....
10.CHRIS KREBS(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your incredible "gift" with us.